Lee Anne's Spacecraft Models


Gemini X - 1/24 scale Delta 7 Studios model


Gemini X with Agena target vehicle - 1/24 scale Delta 7 Studios model

Gemini capsule - 1/48 scale


Spitzer IR Telescope

Mars Express / Beagle2- cardstock model

Cassini-Huygens - NASA cardstock model

CONTOUR - cardstock model

Discovery - AMX cardstock model, 1/144 scale

Pioneer 10 - cardstock model, 1/24 scale

Trace solar probe, card stock model...

Saturn 1-B, 1/96 scale, card model, with genuine thrust photo...

AXM's International Space Station, 1/144 scale card model

This shows (top to lower left) Unity, Destiny, Harmony (Node 2), and Columbus, with PMA1 and PMA2. To the upper right is the Kibo expansion module. This is a work-in-progress.

Europe's ATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle) - another card model


KSC's Vehicle Assembly Building - I designed & built this to give back to the space modeling community for all of the wonderful, free models others have created. 1/1000 scale

The Tiros weather satellite - a card model

Orion is the replacement for the Space Shuttle. This is a card model of Lockheed Martin's "606" proposal.

Card model of the Hubble Space Telescope. Approximate height is 13 inches.

Launch Umbilical Tower (LUT) with Saturn V. Another card model.

1/48 S-IVB with interstage. This is part of a 7-1/2 foot Saturn V that I'm scratchbuilding out of styrene (plastic). It contains numerous parts that were custom cast in resin.


Dawn, the mission to Vesta and Ceres - a card model



Another card model, Voyager, explores the outer reaches of my office at Sky-Skan...


These are just a few of the space-related models in my collection.