Lee Anne's Ship Models

Completed Models
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Completed Models

Scratchbuilt, styrene, 1/1200 scale, of SS AMERICA (older sister to the SS United States). This model is just over 7 inches long.


R/V (Research Vessel) ATLANTIS, scratchbuilt, styrene. (Note the dime for size comparison, and the tiny submersible, ALVIN, on the stern.)


My build of the Revell kit of the German research vessel METEOR involved researching the prototype, and adding lots of details and photo-etched railing and ladders.


This is my build of the Mirage kit of the Polish liner, BATORY. The rigging is all stretched sprue.

This is my custom build of the Imex TOYAMA/TAMPA kit. (The two kits are identical, except the latter has plastic stacks of containers, which I didn't use.) The containers shown here are all created in Adobe Illustrator, and printed onto cardstock, which I cut and folded to shape. The name of this fictious container vessel is CYRUS O. WARD, named after my grandfather, who left the family farming business and devoted his career to a new form of transportation - the automobile.


Kasaga Maru, from the Aoshima 1/700 kit

Sunflower Satsuma, a Japanese ferry, from the 1/700 ARII kit

My build of the 1/108 Revell 'Lucky' tug

I deleted obsolete equipment and installed some modern equipment (radar, radio antennae, etc.)

Under Construction

Torrey Canyon - infamous tanker, 1/600 scale, scratchbuilt styrene

LNG tanker, 1/600 scale, scratchbuilt styrene