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Finished Vessels
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Finished Vessels


Scratchbuilt styrene, 1/160 (N) scale, of Motor/Vessel RIVER STALLION, which operates on the Ohio River.


Scratchbuilt styrene, 1/160 (N) scale, of Motor/Vessel GINGER CRONIN, which operates on the Ohio River, mostly pushing coal barges. The Cronin was built in 1993, is 120'x33.5', and is owned by Crounse Corporation. She was recently renamed GINGER MOLLER, after her namesake married.


Scratchbuilt, styrene, 1/87 (HO) scale, of the Motor/Vessel JEFFREY-LYNN, a harbor boat on the lower Ohio River. She was built in 1968, is 50'x18', and moved barges around in the fleets and between fleets and docks for many years.


M/V NELSON M. BROADFOOT with tank barge Scratchbuilt 1/160 scale

The prototype operated on the Mississippi River system for decades, and is still around.


Scratchbuilt, 1/87 scale, Motor/Vessel KAY D, built in 1940 in St. Louis. As of the mid-1960s, she was the oldest boat on the Mississippi River system with all original equipment. The Mayor of Memphis (Tenn.) declared a "Kay D Day" in her honor. She had a 7-cylinder Fairbanks-Morse diesel, 800hp.


This is my build of the Vac-U-Tow kit. I added a lot of detail (railings, signage, doors & windows, vents, johnboat with crane, mast, all deck equipment-winches, kevels, & buttons, bitt, pilothouse roof details, etc.) and rebuilt the entire upper half of the pilothouse. The company name and logo are my own design (as I'm a Hoosier, from Indiana). The boat is named after my third grade teacher, Lorraine Zimmerman, who was a positive influence on me.

Still to add: running lights and deck lights, a propane grill and a patio chair or two.

Inside is a Futaba r/c receiver, electronic speed control, and a hefty motor, connected to a plastic prop. One servo controls a steering rudder and two monkey rudders.


Under Construction

M/V Peace, Mississippi River towboat, 1/160 scale, scratchbuilt styrene


SPECIAL: Model of the Green River steam packet, "Evansville"