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The problem is time. You need a Y2K solution before the year 2000. There is not enough time to change your application code. There is not enough time to replace your system. Yet you need to run your business, and you need your business applications to understand the difference between January 1, 1900 and January 1, 2000. The Year 2000 problem is NOW.

You could hire an army of programmers to change every date field in your application and database. But will you find the right people and have enough time - and money? What new risks or problems will you introduce into your system?


TF Century ManagerTM provides a complete systems level solution for providing a Y2K compliant system. It focuses on the system data while preserving the investment made in custom lines of code. TF Century Manager does not require an army of programmers who can scan every application source file. In fact, TF Century Manager does not touch application source code, reducing the test cycle.

TF Century Manager is an encapsulation methodology that is applied to your data, not your application code. Encapsulation methodology works by changing the system's interpretation of time. TF Century Manager does not change the data input or output formats, but remediates the date data during communication. This method maintains the current working version of the applications, operating system, and preserves the current user interface. Users continue to use the applications on which they are fully trained.


Most industry consultants estimate that the testing for any Year 2000 compliance is 40% to 60% of the entire project timeline. The testing of the remediated application is only a small portion of the required test plan. Once the application is tested and approved, the difficult task of an integrated system test must be completed. The reiterative process is very time consuming and costly to staff and production schedules. This phase of the project is often overlooked or underestimated by IT planning due to the uniqueness of the Y2K problem; an omission that often elevates the level of risk associated with the entire project.


TF Century ValidatorTM facilitates an end-to-end verification of the application, system or enterprise that has been brought into compliance. TF Century Validator can be applied with any remedial methodology to reduce test time and establish confirmation of Y2K compliance.

TF Century Validator provides record and playback methodology that tests a production system against a remediated system and performs logical compares. When discrepencies are found, the playback process provides a trace function for locating missed date fields.


The process of bringing Information Technology systems into Y2K compliance is a significant investment of resources and capital. Once a system is deemed Year 2000 compliant, how does the corporation protect its compliant status? With many industry specifications for electronic data interchange, and corporations extending partnerships with suppliers and customers, the opportunity to introduce corrupt data into a Y2K compliant environment is exceedingly high.


TF Century ProtectorTM offers a firewall-like technology against external non-Y2K compliant data flows. It sets up a wall of protection to determine whether or not incoming data and date fields are compliant and provides assurance that the internal systems remain protected.

TF Century Protector is a barrier for safeguarding against losses and liabilities:

  • Suffered by third parties, if your company provides non-compliant data
  • From problems encountered between internal systems or divisions
  • Originating from data supplied by another company's computer
  • Resulting from compliance failure of your key suppliers or partners

TF Century Protector provides user-defined, customizable filters, which reflect the specific business conditions and data characteristics of the IT environment. Incoming data is evaluated and either accepted, tagged for inspection, or rejected on the fly. These filters are easily refined as business requirements change and as your experience grows with safeguarding the data.

Protect your data. Protect your systems. Protect your investment.

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