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Are you ready for the next millennium? TF Software is!

Welcome to TF Software, a leading provider of Y2K solutions.

Our clients have Digital VAX VMS-based systems with applications that need no changes except for the century date change challenges.

Our Y2K solution encapsulates not only the client's applications, but encapsulates the client's entire system, including hardware. Then we "time-warp" the system into the past. All incoming dates are mapped into the past (by 28 years or an appropriate multiple), the application is run, then the output is mapped back to the present resulting in a Y2K solution transparent to the user.

The TF Software solution provides many benefits:

  • Substantially reduced cost of implementation
  • Rapid deployment of the encapsulated system
  • Minimal Testing
  • Transparency to the end users
See what Alan Retter, Vice President-Finance/CFO of Chalet Susse International, has to say about TF Software's solution to their Y2K problem.

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